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05 Sep 2010

Note: This blog post has been manually imported from my old wordpress blog that I used to occasionally update in college

So far I’ve only had two days of class, since school started on a Thursday.

Before that, there was orientation. In orientation, they had a lot of game-show-type activities, and in the first one I won a box of cinnamon rolls. There was a big variety of prizes, ranging from electronics to food.

School isn’t really that difficult so far, and I didn’t get that much homework yet.

Yesterday, our dormitory floor went to see Machete, a really gory movie that wasn’t very good, but still kind of funny in the sense of how outrageous some of the stunts were. Afterwards we went to IHOP for some dinner, and our floor filled up half the restaurant.

Today, there was a kickball tournament with double elimination; our floor lost both our games by margins of more than 10…

That’s all that’s happened so far