Homecoming Week

04 Oct 2010

Note: This blog post has been manually imported from my old wordpress blog that I used to occasionally update in college

A few weeks ago, I had this AFROTC thing called LDW, which is a one-night campout that is supposed to simulate a deployed environment. It was very strict and structured– everything we did was tightly scheduled, and we had to always have a “wingman” (buddy system) with us at all times. It was fun, though; we got to go rock climbing and play paintball, and I learned a lot about Air Force procedure.

This week is homecoming week; on Friday, there was a pep rally. For the pep rally, every dormitory and fraternity made a banner; one of the banners made was an elephant that could shoot fire out of its trunk on demand. The actual pep rally wasn’t very interesting, but during one person’s speech, a little boy (the son of some teacher or something) started running across the football field, from the very left endzone; the mom tried to stop him, but she was holding another baby so she couldn’t run very fast. She kept on running until around the 50-yard line, then gave up; the boy kept running. Everyone cheered when he scored a touchdown. The boy kept running even after that, but eventually a faculty member tackled him.

After the pep rally, we lit up a really, really big, forty-foot tall bonfire, which was lit using fireworks. They also had a really good fireworks show right before.