27 Apr 2011

Note: This blog post has been manually imported from my old wordpress blog that I used to occasionally update in college

Sorry I haven’t written for a while

Lately, the weather has been in the 60’s and it rains a lot. About a month ago, I had another LDW (apparently they happen twice a year). It was almost the same as the last LDW, but it was still fun and informative. For one activity, we moved through a trail with paintball guns, working to get to a ‘pilot’ (a tent bag) at the end of the trail. While we walked, POCs (Juniors and Seniors in AFROTC) would hide along the sides of the trail and ambush us with paintball guns. Instead of a rock climbing course, this time we went on a high ropes course. That was interesting, and it had a short zipline at the end of it.

Nothing particularly interesting is happening in my classes. I started taking Japanese (I probably would have taken Chinese, since I took that in high school, but they don’t have that here), and that class is pretty fun. I also have a class with labs involving using a microcontroller board; we connect things like LEDs, potentiometers, pushbuttons (using a soldering iron). For the latest lab, we connected the board to a computer via serial port connection. In order to get the microcontroller to do the correct thing, we have to write code on the computer and program it into the microcontroller. Programming is done in C.

Regarding programming, last quarter I took a class called Introduction to Programming or something like that. That class was pretty fun too; we had a project involving programmable roomba robots, which are short, two-wheeled, and circular. In that class, we learned two programming languages: Python and C.

Last week was spring break. I watched a lot of TV and played lots of video and computer games. I also made lots of food in the kitchen downstairs. I made four packets of chili (which came out to a gallon or two gallons or so of chili), 4 dozen cookies (the box said nine dozen, but I think the cookies I made were too big), biscuits, and a pan of brownies. I still have another box of brownies and spam that I didn’t cook/bake yet. I haven’t been very hungry lately (especially during spring break) because I’ve been having allergies. I went to the health office and they gave me some things to take, so it’s not too bad.

I also started playing intramural ultimate frisbee. I thing our last game was yesterday, though. We won by forfeit. I think we’ve actually only won by forfeit (we won quite a few games by forfeit), so I guess only people who are really good actually participate.

The Jazz band that I’m in played a few concerts since I last made a post. I forget when they were, but they weren’t too bad. We have another concert this Saturday.

That’s all I can think of writing for now. Sorry again that I haven’t written anything in so long. I feel like there’s more interesting things that happened that I forgot about, so I’ll add it in later if I remember it.