Spring Break

29 Mar 2013

Note: This blog post has been manually imported from my old wordpress blog that I used to occasionally update in college

Here’s a quick list of what happened after the rafting trip: Went home Came back to school Went to California Came back to school Went home again Came back to school Went to field training Went home again Came back to school Went to Washington Came back to school Went home again Came back to school

Now we’re all caught up; it’s currently Spring break.

Nothing much has happened recently, when I’m not doing schoolwork or Air Force related things, I usually watch anime, read manga, play computer games, or study Japanese.

For anime/games, I recently watched one called ‘cross game’ that was about baseball. I’ve also been playing ‘Starcraft 2,’ a computer game. A new version of it came out the week after Spring quarter started. I’ve also been reading the manga for ‘hajime no ippo,’ which is the same as the anime that neechan was watching. It’s about boxing.

Half my classes are interesting.

In one class, communications systems, we’re making an IR transmitter and receiver pair in our labs. I don’t have a picture, but I have a schematic of the receiver:


We also learned a little about someone called Claude Shannon, I thought maybe dad knows (and maybe mom remembers) who that is.

Another class is my Air Force class. I have to write an “AF Form 1206 ‘Award Nomination’” for myself, it’s due the Wednesday after spring break. It’s a three-hour lecture class on Wednesdays.

My third class is called Junior Design. My team and I have a 10-page research paper due on the Monday two weeks after break. I also need to design a printed circuit board by the end of the quarter.

My fourth class is called electromagnetic metamaterials. Right now, our class is trying to make something called a ‘double negative material,’ below is a (click to view animated) picture of a simulated electromagnic wave traveling through a double negative material.


for Air Force, I’m part of the committee in charge of planning a one-day event called Operation 218, which is an event to help get the sophomores get ready for Field Training. It’s kind of like the LDW that I posted about earlier, except shorter. I also have that homework assignment due for my Air Force Class.


During break, I’ll probably be doing the same thing I’ve been doing all quarter, except I won’t have to go to class. Also, I’m going to try to run more, in order to increase my PFA score. right now it’s at an 88, I want to get it up to a 95.

The weather today was pretty nice (60 degrees or so), hopefully it stays nice throughout the week. Just a few days ago, there was a huge snow storm with 4-6 inches of snow, but that’s all melted already. The weather here is kind of weird.