End of Spring Break

07 Apr 2013

Note: This blog post has been manually imported from my old wordpress blog that I used to occasionally update in college

Today’s the last day of Spring Break before school starts again. I have PT tomorrow at 6AM, so I have to sleep early tonight.

Spring Break was pretty relaxing, even though I still had homework to do. I liked the fact that I could sleep in every day without worrying about going to class or anything, and I could do my homework whenever I felt like it.

For food, I made curry twice and ordered pizza once. The second time I made curry, I tried making the curry with chicken instead of beef; it turned out pretty good. I still have 5 more boxes of curry left, so I’ll probably be eating curry for a while.

I ended up going running 4 times over break, for around 2-3 miles each time. I also did around 100 pushups per day. The last time I went running, I ran the 1.5-miles that I would have to do for a PFA. I ran it in 12 minutes (same as always). I guess I still have a ways to go before improving my time.

This week, I have a bunch of Air Force stuff due, and next Saturday, I have the Operation 218 event that I’ve been planning for.

This week will be a hectic week; I’ll be glad when it’s all over.