Operation 218 and Awards Ceremony

20 Apr 2013

Note: This blog post has been manually imported from my old wordpress blog that I used to occasionally update in college

Last week Saturday, our AFROTC detachment had the Operation 218 event that I was in charge of. It went pretty well (I don’t have any pictures of it). In the morning, the younger cadets were in a simulated in-garrison ‘boot camp’ environment, and for part of it they had to make beds and fold clothes. We needed beds for the cadets to use, so I had to bring mine over in the morning, from my room to the training place, which was around half a mile away.

We had MREs for lunch, and then the afternoon was set aside for simulated ‘deployed environment’ training, where the younger cadets learned about squad tactics, field marching, first aid, base defense, etc. After that, they played capture-the-flag paintball.

And then for dinner, we bought catered subway sandwiches.

Like I said, overall, nothing really bad happened; it went pretty well. The cadet wing commander said I did a good job and gave me a coin:

afrotc coin

Today, I went to an awards ceremony for Rose-Hulman. I went to the same ceremony last year, where they gave me a framed certificate for getting a 4.0 during freshman year. This time, I got a framed certificate AND a medallion thing, because apparently, out of all the people that got 4.0s, I had the highest amount of credit hours.


Other interesting things that happened:

My lab partner and I finished the IR communications system (it works), and we had to write and submit a report on it.

My Junior Design team also finished our report this week (we had to write it about Three Mile Island). Now we have to review another team’s report and grade them on it.

My metamaterials class is working on making something called a composite-left-right-handed material (CLRH), so I’ve been busy simulating models for that.

Since spring break, I’ve gotten back into the habit of studying Japanese. I study 14 new words and 2 new kanji per day, and every once in a while I try to read a Japanese news article and take new words that I find from the news article and add it to my queue of new vocabulary words to learn.

I’ve been eating a lot of curry recently. A side effect of this is that I’m getting good at getting the timing right for making good rice in a saucepan. I don’t have a picture of the curry, but I do have a picture of some fried onions that I used:


So that’s pretty much all that happened in the past 2 weeks.