09 Aug 2013

Note: This blog post has been manually imported from my old wordpress blog that I used to occasionally update in college

There are a few non-computer related things that I have been doing while at my internship.

There’s a stream called Mosquito Creek in the back of my apartment. One of my neighbors told me one day that you could catch fish there. Another day, I was talking to one of my other neighbors, and we started talking about fishing, so he offered to let me borrow his fishing pole. So he went into his apartment and grabbed it for me. As soon as he gave it to me, though, the fishing pole snapped in half. So I super-glued it back together and went fishing the next day. I didn’t catch anything, though. Plus, I forgot to get mosquito repellant, and I was getting bitten a lot. Also, I didn’t have any bait, all I had was a hook and a metal lure. So anyways, I didn’t catch anything, but eventually, my hook got caught on something in the stream. When I tried to pull the line back out, the pole broke again. That’s when I gave up and went back home.

Broken Pole

I felt pretty bad for breaking the pole, even though it was probably on its way to breaking already. I went ahead and bought a new pole, so that I could fish some more, and also so that it could be a replacement for my neighbor.

Fishing Poles

In addition to buying a new pole, I also bought mosquito spray, some rubber worms, and some smaller hooks. Also, one of my neighbors told me that you could catch fish pretty easily if you put corn on a treble hook (multi-hook), so I bought canned corn to fish with, too. The next time I went, I also brought a camera with me (in case I caught a fish).

awkward angle shot Fishing spot

This time, I went fishing kind of late, but it wasn’t as dark as it is in the pictures, that’s just the camera. During this trip, I realized that’s kind of hard to take good pictures of yourself fishing in the dark. I also noticed that there were fireflies here, which was nice since I haven’t seen them in a while.

I tried using plastic worms for a while, and then I tried using the corn strategy. Well, it turns out I bought the wrong kind of corn though, I accidentally bought cream corn instead of normal canned corn, and I didn’t notice until I opened the can. I just ended up dumping the creamed corn into the river.

After a while, it got really dark, and I wasn’t catching anything with just plastic worms, so I went home.

A few weeks later, I went again, this time I had three new types of bait: corn (non-creamed), bread, and artificial trout bait. I still didn’t catch anything, though.

I’m going to try again this weekend, this time using live bait. I tried digging for worms once, but all the worms I found were kind of small. There were a bunch of slugs by my fishing spot, though, so I think I’ll try using those.

Around 5 minutes from my apartment, there’s a baseball stadium for a team called the Scrappers. Apparently this is a recruiting team for one of the pro league teams. I’ve ended up going to a bunch of their games due to various reasons. The first time, a coworker invited me to a game on July 4th, which was nice because after the game they had fireworks. The scrappers lost, though. The second time, my boss gave me free tickets to a game. That game was a doubleheader, they won both games. The third game was an outing for interns and new hires that was organized by the Delphi HR department. That game also had fireworks, and the scrappers lost. The fourth time, one of my neighbors gave me free tickets, so I went and watched the game. The scrappers lost that one too.

The games were pretty fun to watch, and they have this promotion where people with Toyotas get to park free, so that was nice.

I’ve cooked a couple of things while I was here. When I’m not cooking something, which is most of the time, I mostly eat pre-frozen foods, like pizza rolls and mozzerella sticks. I’ve also been eating a lot of orange creamcicles and ice pops. Also been eating the snacks that grandparents and family sent.

When I do make something, I usually make enough to last me a week or longer, so I guess really I haven’t cooked that often. I made chili twice and curry twice, both large pots. I bought udon noodles one time to try to make curry udon.

curry udon

I also made a bunch of BLTs once. For one of them, I tried pan-frying a piece of bread with butter to toast it, but it didn’t turn out very well. Instead, I used it as an inner bread piece, kind of like a Big Mac except with bacon.

blt 1 blt 2

One week, Delphi had a morale-boosting activities for the whole week, and one of the events was a contest to make scrap sculptures. The person sitting next to me at work was the organizer of this event, and he said I should do the event, and gave me a bunch of scrap parts to use. So I did, and made a dog sculpture out of it. I didn’t win the event, but I thought it turned out pretty interesting.

plastic dog 1 plastic dog 2 plastic dog 3 plastic dog 4

So that’s some of the things that I’ve been doing. It’s been an interesting experience, but I’m looking forward to going home and take a nice break.