School Update

12 Feb 2014

Note: This blog post has been manually imported from my old wordpress blog that I used to occasionally update in college

This year has been very busy, due to having to do a senior design project.

For senior design, I am working on more electromagnetics-related stuff, which is sort of related to the things I was doing last year.

ebg structure

The main difference is that this year, it’s an official design project, so there is a lot of paperwork that my team and I have to do in order to do well in the ‘senior design’ class. The paperwork takes up a lot of time. We have to record all the time we spend on the project, and so far I have spent 230 hours on it.


In the first two quarters, I was Communications Squadron Commander, which means I was in charge of the guy that maintains the website and the guy that takes attendance.

Now, I am the Training Group Commander, which means that I am in charge of the Flight Commanders and the Training Squadron.

Every week, I write an After-Action Report (AAR), where I talk about how training went during LLAB (training event held every Tuesday), and how it could be improved.

Math Classes:

In the Fall, I took a really interesting and hard math class called Introduction to Partial Differential Equations. It had a lot of proofs and integrals and things like that. For the final project, I tried to model a simple electromagnetic structure using something called Green’s Functions, and wrote a 13-page paper about it: project

In order to write the paper, I had to learn to use this typesetting programming language called laTEX or LAtEX or something like that.

Now, I am taking a much easier class called Linear Algebra. It has a lot of matrices in it, and I always get a few points wrong on the homework and tests because I make arithmetic mistakes when I multiply matrices together.

Electrical Engineering Classes:

Fall Quarter, I took a class about digital devices, where I learned how to program in verilog and write digital programs. For that final project, we took an existing Pong game, changed the way it displayed onto VGA, and added features to it. All the programming in that class was done on something called an FPGA, which is like a legos box for doing digital circuits.

Now I am taking a class called Linear Control Systems. For one of our labs, we did the interesting thing of using a motor to control an upside down pendulum with a weight on it, so that it stayed balanced upright. It was like balancing a pencil on your finger, except the pencil had a big weight attached to the top of it. I wish I made a video of it, because it was pretty interesting to watch it balance.

I have also have had to take an Air Force class, which usually consists of a 3 to 4 hour lecture on Wednesdays, with quizzes, briefing, and writing assignments every once in a while.

Outside of classes, I am still involved in Jazz Band and Concert Band.

This year, I have also started writing articles for the school newspaper. I mostly just write news articles, but I did write one recipe on chapattis.

I was also in the fencing club for a while, but then I gradually became inactive after a while, because I think they changed their meeting times and I keep on forgetting to ask them when the new meeting times are.

Recently, I have also been working out a lot more in the weight room. In the Fall, I used to go with my friends maybe three times a week to go work out, but now I do it every day except Sundays. I got sort of coerced into buying things like ‘protein powder,’ ‘preworkout,’ and ‘interworkout,’ which are powdery things you add to water and it’s supposed to help you when you exercise. Now that I’ve already bought it, I don’t really have a choice of not working out, or the purchases would have been a waste. Similar to the time when I got a 1-month unlimited pass to yoga.

The workout that I do is part of a six week program, here’s an example of one day: Day 24. It mostly consists of alternating between weight lifting and doing cardio excercises.

I have also been busy every once in a while helping my foreign exchange roommate Taku with his homework (English homework and Database homework), but unfortunately he failed most of his classes anyways, even with my help.

I also turned 21 recently, and so on the weekend after my birthday, I had a bunch of shots at my friend’s fraternity house, eventually threw up, played some video games, threw up some more, and went to bed. Since then, I have had several drinking experiences (most of them were when I was in Hawaii though), nothing too eventful ever happened though.

So that is all that I have been up to recently. I’ll probably have more to say after I go on a trip to England to visit my friend Dominic.