More School Updates

16 Feb 2014

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Thought of some more things to talk about


Recently we learned how to write OPRs and EPRs, and how to write effective bullet statements, which are apparently very important to get yourself and your subordinates promoted. Maybe Dad and Mom know what this is.


Since I’m writing news articles, I have been going to a lot of random events recently. In the month of February, the school is hosting a comedian every week, and so far they have been very good: Ryan Conner and Paul Cassidy.

Ryan Conner visited during Rose-Hulman’s family weekend, and so unfortunately he could not tell the more controversial (but probably really funny) jokes that he is known for. His show was still really good though.

Paul Cassidy is a balloon artist/comedian/magician. I was half expecting it to be kind of lame, but it was really funny, he knows how to engage the audience and make funny jokes.

Greatest Floor:

Every year since my Freshman year, there has been a competition called Greatest Floor, where all the residence hall floors compete in a bunch of random competitions to see who is the best. I usually don’t really participate too much, but this year I did two main things.

The first was a game called LCR (Left, Right, Center), which is a game completely based on luck. I lost in the first round.

The second thing I did was a Rube Goldberg machine. My roommate has a video of it somewhere: