Site Launch

18 Apr 2015

All right, so I made my website. Took me forever to figure out how to do all sorts of things… First, I learned how to use git. Then, I learned how to install jekyll and get it to display a website on localhost. After that, I had to figure out how to redirect the github URL to, and that was the worst part, because I never knew what my A and CNAME changes did, because of caching and stuff! Well anyways, it turned out it worked. Up until this point I had been doing everything in linux! I had originally started in windows, with the Github GUI and Powershell, but I was so confused and lost that I just started from scratch by learning from the git reference website online. The tutorial had linux commands in their examples so I used the linux partition on my laptop. That turned out pretty well.
So anyways, after I was getting nowhere with the CNAME record stuff, I rebooted and switched back to windows, and checked in the browser…. and it worked!! After that, I made a short CV draft page and started adding a blog thing. I have noticed that the powershell and the github GUI is a lot easier to use now that I kind of understand what git is.

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