Site Management

19 Apr 2015

I’m trying to make jekyll on github pages work nicely with my website host, and it’s rather confusing. I thought I had it all figured out yesterday, but I decided to do something else so I’ve been working on that for the past few hours. I want the jekyll site to appear at, but I want all my old stuff to appear somewhere, like But in the process of doing that, I suddenly was unable to access my cpanel, or any non-jekyll part of my site! Pinging it did not work! But wait! If I check the status of the website on sites like, it shows that it works. I just tried opening the site on my phone’s 4G internet connection, and it works. So I think that the hosting company may have blocked my IP address for some reason… So anyways, I finished up the DNS editing on my phone, and now I think everything works as I expected!

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